This site is an avenue for real foodies to converge. Dooney’s Kitchen is going to be the virtual meeting place for all talk about food, i.e. cooking, entertaining, introducing children or the family to cooking, planning meals (weekly, family, romantic, one-off trials), planning food shopping (suggested markets, produce, storage etc) and so much more……..

I’ll be sharing my personal cooking stories, recipes, hints and tips. As the blog grows, there’ll be dedicated Pages which will serve as shortcuts for information. For example, there’ll be a page dedicated to Dooney’s Kitchen Cheats, for those days you want to get something done quick. There’ll also be a page dedicated to Cookery Troubleshooting for those situations when things go wrong with a recipe,  and you need solutions. The solutions will be based on mistakes I made in the past, and that which other readers send in. We foodies, always watch out for each other, and are quick to rescue a fellow foodie in trouble.

As the Site Administrator, I would very much appreciate constructive feedback from you the reader. As the blog develops, I will open up a forum for readers to send me their own recipes, which I would acknowledge (foodies don’t steal each other’s recipes, Lol), and post.

Thank you for taking the time to read about Dooney’s Kitchen. Welcome to my journey, as I bring my passion to life

Author – Dunni Obata

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  1. I saw your post on Bella. I really like your blog, very nice!!
    Please shed more light on yourself.
    Are you single or married? How old are you or what’s your age bracket? What part of the world are you and what State of Nigeria are you from?
    I am a lady, so don’t be scared just curious cos I’m intrigued at how you came about the idea for this blog, and how you have the time to do it… My questions are more out of admiration and inspiration, than anything else…

  2. Hello Dunni, ȋ̝̊̅ dnt kw U̶̲̥̅̊ but ȋ̝̊̅ already like you. Got here tru a link sent by a friend of mine cos she kws ȋ̝̊̅ love experimentin wt food. Ȋ̝̊̅ hav been to diff food blogs, but here there is somtn abt you. D minute ȋ̝̊̅ saw your pic ȋ̝̊̅ wanted to meet U̶̲̥̅̊ , U̶̲̥̅̊ look so friendly and accomodating. Ȋ̝̊̅ love ur cooking tips and recepies, kudos.

  3. Yea kudos to u babe,I tried d Yamarita n it came out very nice tho I used yamflour instead of flour cos I cldnt get baking flour in dis area (stil nice) . Thanks for d recipe dear

  4. Full-of-life woman well done. I really admire your energy and love for cooking. If you were In Nigeria, I would have BEGGED you to have a cooking school.

    Keep It up!

    • Thank you so much Julia. Technology has broken down the barriers if distance. I am going to be running e-cooking classes for that reason. How about that?

  5. please do you stay at Plymouth? I’ll be hopefully coming to Plymouth in September and I will definitely love to find fellow Nigerians. Thanks!

  6. Wow Dooney…… Have heard so much about you but on here I think for the first time and I have to say my mind is officially blown!!!!!!!! You are awesome. This will be my go to place for food ideas ….. Won’t always indulge (yea m one of those healthy eaters that still want yummy foods :)) but will definitely learn so much. You are a treasure!! Wow….. And I am a woman too so don’t be scared lol!

  7. Hi Doonie,

    Great job on all the wonderful recipes here. My question is how do u wash beans which is used for moimoi in the blender? I see that u mentioned it in one of your blogs. Also when baking moimoi in the oven (using foil plates), must i always use a tray of water? I noticed used this for the ramekin? cans but not the foil plates.
    Finally what year did u finish from medilag? I studied pharmacology there…

    Thanks in advance.

  8. Thanks so much Dooney for a great website and also for putting in countless hours of cooking and blogging to bless others with your passion. You’re such a great inspiration to me, I love cooking and I’ve been recently thinking about going further with it (spedning more time to develop recioes , especially healthy ones too) and your wesbite has encouraged me in so many ways.

  9. I know this is coming a little late but Happy 1st year Anniversay. I know sometimes we do not get to see how what we do affect lives so I feel this is an opportunity to let you know that what you do, does impact lives in a positive way. I struggled with Nigerian dishes after I got married. My mum was never the one to cook although she could bake like crazy. True story till date none of us(her kids)know how to make any swallow. I am even worse I can’t make even simple Eba to save my life and I was born and raised in Nigeria but moved away for college. I got married to a yoruba man and although I had learned how to cook all sorts of food but I was never around Nigerians to learn how to cook our food and he was struggling with my “mede mede” and soon got tired of fried rice and jollof rice. Then you came on so you think you can cook. Lets just say, my siblings were at my place last Christmas and my brother said and i quote ” I don’t remember you cooking this good in Nigeria”.I still do not know how to turn anything but we have an agreement in my house, as long as I make the soups, my hubby makes and turns all the swallow. Thank you for what you do and even allow us to put our own spin and twist on things.

  10. Dunni, this couldn’t possibly be you, could it? Dunni O from Model College, in Ikorodu? If this is you, OMG, I never thought I would find you.

  11. Oladunni Obata! You cant imagine my joy when i stumbled on your post on Bella naija. From model college ikorodu, i always knew you had greatness in you.Dooney’s kitchen! so proud of you babe. well done.

  12. Hello Dunni,

    I was introduced to your website by my work colleagues but even though I am yet to go through your site completely I have read your profile and can not agree with you the more.

    Nigeran food has a lot to offer and like you said all we need is exposure standardisation (in terms of recipes), chefs willing to learn and promote nigerian foods and also restaurant settings (class and interior decor) that can compare with any one in the world. When that happens we will have a global food revolution on our hands.

    Well done. Any time in the UK will order your meals for a change.


  13. i want to know if you have a branch in Abuja an pls if you do kindly send me the address so that i can come for learning….

  14. Hi only just discovered this site and it’s amazing!
    I’m really impressed from the little I’ve seen so far.
    As you were looking for suggestions I’d suggest to maybe update each recipe with estimated preparation time and cooking time which would be helpful
    Can’t wait to explore more of the site but fending off sleep is proving too difficult at the moment lol
    Keep up the good work!

  15. Sis Dooney don’t know what to say at all, all I have to say is may you continue to Excel in every area of your Life.. You have been of great help to me and now I am the best cook .. My husband is always thanking me after eating different delicacies…. Thanks to your receipe. GOD Bless you

  16. Dunni!

    Come and marry my brother nah…, so you can be a member of our fomilick :) :)
    My sisters and I will take good care of you, ehen?

    Every time I cook any stew or soup now, I always think, “what would Dunni do at this stage?” or “How would Dunni add this ingredient?” Naaa wah!

    I think you are awesome girl! Keep it up!

    • hahahahahahaha Funmi, you almost made me choke on my lunch with laughter. is your brother cute, are your fomilick very nice and friendly, because I like peace in my life o. Looooool. Thank you for making me laugh today, have a lovely weekend

  17. Hi Dooney . Hope you are good. Well done on the wonderful work you are doing with regards to all the food posts. I love food and Love cooking even more. Most especially Nigerian food . I have traveled to so many countries and I still think our food is the best.

    How do I subscribe to this blog please ? Can’t seem to find a button. Although I already have my own method for cooking most of all our food. (Except Hausa food ) haven’t got a clue . Like you I am mixed half deltan have Yoruba part ibo too with efik friends lol. And supercool mum & grandmas .however I love seeing other people’s food intake and learning new methods I also watch the food network and any cooking show on tv. Some times when I tell my friends to check out your blog they say Vicky are u sure this Doooney is not you under disguise . Cox of so much similarities even in the way you describe and add jokes. Anyway well done love . I will definetely buy any cookbook of yours . I hope to see you on Saturday live or something on Good food soon.

  18. Hello Dunni,

    My name is Ebony and I am an American married to a Yoruba man. I was always into global cooking but before it was mostly Ghanaian dishes. I used to babysit for a Nigerian family in my late teens while in college and I used to chop their food seriously but never learned how to make it. Many years later I went to Nigeria and saw the diversity in cooking there I was in love and I also met my now Husband. Your blog has been the best one on Naija cooking that I have found so far. You have really helped me because Nigerian food is very labor intensive like many ethnic foods, but you have given me many short cuts. I also really love to cook all different types of food and I love how you also fuse other styles into Nigerian food and vice versa. Keep up the good work and thanks for the inspiration. My husband loves my cooking and you are very much part of that reason!

  19. Hello Dunni,

    Pls i will like to do you a mail. I have got to ask for permission on something. Mind i have an email address? Pls respond ASAP. Thanks

  20. Wow Dunni! I have fallen in love with you and with food (not like I needed much help in that area lol)…
    You are incredibly talented and creative and I am glad I have come to discover my online cooking class!
    God bless you and more ideas to your cooking! xx

  21. Hi dunni…great job,well done.can I skip adding oil to your stew recipes and still enjoy them? Oil has a lot of calories and I’m watching my weight.thank you

  22. Hi, I was looking for the processor information so I can purchase one, I am might be overlooking it somewhere on your site. Please send it to me. Thanks

  23. Dear Dunni,
    How do I subscribe to your blog? I really can’t see the slot for that, I’m a foodie who loves to learn and eat new recipes, please reply ASAP! Thanks

  24. I saw your blog in passing a long time ago but moved on. A couple of weeks ago I came back and I must say I am very envious of you. Your recepies are clear and easy to follow and i love you presentation. I have told my husband on our next vacation later this year, you will cater for our meals at least for a week I need to taste all this medemede. I will send an email now on some info.

  25. Hello Donney,

    I recently heard about your website/blog and I must say that I am really impressed with your achievements so far.

    I personally have issues with cooking especially now that I am married, your website will really help me.

    I’ll carefully look at your blog and let you know if I have any questions or suggestions.

    Thank you for this initiative, may God continue to bless your efforts.

    God bless,

    Nguper T.

  26. Hello,
    Your blog is amazing and you seem to make fabulous food. Have you ever considered opening a restaurant? I know you live in Europe but If you were given a unique opportunity to design an entire restaurant in Nigeria, that is everything from its name to its location to its infrastructure and of course its menu would you take it?

    • yes it works, but it is only on recipes posted in 2015, when i introduced the feature. you also have to open a big oven account first.

  27. Hello this is Ronald. Your cooking on your instagram and website is Fantastic!!! I never thought such wonderful Nigerian foods could be made so simply and be so elegant presented.

    I was wondering if you have ever tried to make
    Tuwon Shinkafa out of raw brown rice, and have your ever made Tuwon Shinkafa in a stand mixer as opposed to a food processor or hand blander???

    Do you have a youtube page for a possible longer video demonstration of making Tuwon Shinkafa or Pounded Yam from scratch and raw materials???

    Also have you ever made a soup for the pounded yam/Tuwon Shinkafa made from a nut base like almonds or peanuts??? Thanks for your wonderful masterful work on your sites.


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