Introducing Zurielle’s Pot


Who we are: Zurielle’s Pot is a Registered (RC:OY61215) indigenous company headquartered in the vibrant city of Ibadan, Oyo State. What we do: Our’s is a cook to Order service, ranging from Nigerian Soups, Stews, Sauces & African inspired Chops cooked to specifications and packaged in 3 different sizes of plastic containers to suit your individual and family needs. We also offer lunch packs of Ofada Rice & Sauce, Ewa Agonyin &Plantain with fish, white/yellow Garri & Ogbono, plus Local Jollof rice & Smoked Chicken all at an unbelievable and pocket friendly price. Where you come in: All of the Continue reading

Food Cycle – Ogbono Elegusi Soup


One of my biggest worries about being a food blogger is the amount of food I waste. It is something I am honestly not proud of and why I do it, I don’t know. How do I waste food? My fridge. Despite it being set at 2 degrees, it somehow spoils my food, if kept in there for a week plus. Every week I do a fridge clear out, and with that comes with emptying some little leftovers and it upsets me. My mother and grandma would not find it funny at all, because I was raised better. Food wastage Continue reading

2yr Anniversary Giveaway


Last year, I gave out 2 Philips food processors and 1 Kenwood food processor around Easter time. I promised that this was going to be an annual thing and I am happy to be able to keep that promise. Last year, I got us all excited about food processors. This year, I have gotten us all excited about spiralising food and what better way to keep the momentum going than to give out Spiralisers.  I mean, think of the dishes you can produce from Spiralising    Dooney’s Kitchen has truly grown in the past one year. One of the major achievements is Continue reading

DodoKara – the wrap and the pancake


Hello, how about I start referring to you guys as The Tribe. I kinda like that, rather than “people”. You guys are my Tribe, we belong to a Tribe. The past week I had been plagued with a nasty cold, and the week before, serious photo sensitivity issues. Like they say, when it rains, it pours. I mean, I wished for the end of winter, and now that spring is here, the sun is finally out, my eyes revolted and didn’t want the sun. How strange. Anyways, batteries are recharged, I kept away from running, to allow my body heal Continue reading

Ofe Oha na Egusi


Oh yes, you read that correctly. Oha soup, in another direction. One of you left a snippet of this recipe as a comment ages ago. I had totally forgotten about it, until I saw Rita Peters’s Oha soup on Facebook. At first glance you would think it was Egusi soup, and she said this is a dish eaten by the Abriba people. I looked at it and then remembered that I had seen that somewhere on the blog. I went a searching, and found it in my drafts folder. Unfortunately, I only copied the comment, not the name of the Continue reading

Nigerian Soup Staple combinations


Okay Tribe, glad to see the phrase soup staples being taken on. I have seen it mentioned very many times by all of you, and phew, I hope very soon we will phase out the word “swallow”. Loooool. Don’t mind me, I am trying to find some humour in today. Soooo, not a morning person. Arrrrrrgh!!! Anyways, Dooney’s Kitchen Old School series week has been a good one so far, scratch that, great one. I mean, I got to prepare Okro peppersoup twice, I attempted starch in a frying pan, something I haven’t done in ages, I made Eguoo (starch Continue reading

Egun Bobo – starch and plantain


Here’s continuing my DK Old School Series. In the last post about Okro Peppersoup (recipe HERE), I reminded you guys that at the beginning of the year, I asked for anyone with old classic recipes to send them my way. I am using this post to remind you guys again. Dishes your mum taught you, your grandma, your Aunties, share with me and I will try it. Hopefully not 3 months after. This was provided to me by Tega Ojabo, all the way from New Zealand. Can you Imagine? New Zealand!!! This is an excerpt from her email, again this Continue reading

Igbagba Ofofo – Okro Peppersoup


Welcome to Monday. The past few months have been a lot, in fact 2015 has about; The New Nigerian Cookery recipes, and I must say a very big thank you to all of you for the feedback and support. You have really cemented this blog, as one that has brought a new wave to Nigerian Cooking. I see it from your comments, feedback, tagging family and friends on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. When it gets to food, we are not so adventurous, and I tell you, each time I put up a picture or a recipe, I do it with bated Continue reading

Yamaroata Bakes


I hope I can safely address you guys as The Tribe. For those who have signed up, thank you very much. The Tribe is getting busy now, people are posting amazing pictures, with recipes too. There is one fantastic Agege Bread recipe on there by Ifeyinwa, the best I have seen so far. The forum is heating up with intelligent discussion. The Tribe site is just over a week old now, and I am happy about the progress and grateful to you guys for your support. As for those that are yet to join, I am giving you major side Continue reading



Continuing from The Moin Moinlette (recipe HERE), we now have The Indomielette. The idea for this came from Instagram. I was discussing with Kemi just the other day that IG is where the action is right now. She recently joined Instagram and has been amazed at the food out there, from both bloggers, and seemingly every day cooks. Liz from @illfeedyourface face was on my feed, and she posted a dish she called Ramlet. She used Ramen Noodles. It made me smile, because I thought, ooooh that is so pretty, I want to try that. …..and try it I did Continue reading