Lemon and Garlic Chicken Curry


Hi Tribe, long time no hear, don’t worry, I am still alive. I promise, I have just been very busy on Instagram and cooking for a lot of people. The people I have met and the feedback I have received, I am a very happy bunny. If you are not following on Instagram, you have been missing a lot. I share handy tips, there is one post on Jollof rice and Fried rice which you just need to go check out. I gave out secrets, you can never find in any cookbook or blog, tips caterers have been using for Continue reading

Dooney’s Nigerian Banana Butter


Yeah, two glorious words I heard yesterday evening for the very first time. Where did I hear it? On TV. Which show, My Kitchen Rules. The contestants were given a task to make Breakfast. Each team was given classic breakfast ingredients, ranging from tomatoes, to bacon, to eggs and fruit. So, this team of two girls, who ended up with the fruit option, decided to make Pancakes. Good enough, because Lord knows the first thing that came to my mind when i saw fruit was, Pancakes. Anyways, they wanted to incorporate fruit as much as they could into their dish, Continue reading

Ofe Uziza


Hello Tribe, how have you guys been? My apologies for the hiatus, I am cooking something, don’t worry, you will soon know about it. In 2013 I think, I published a recipe on Bella Naija, which at the time I thought was Ofe Owerri. The good thing about that experience, was that I got so many suggestions about which vegetables comprise Ofe Owerri. From Oha, to Ukazi, to Ugwu. For some it is a combination of two vegetables, for others it is a combination of 3 vegetables. The general consensus though is that Okazi is one of the vegetables, the Continue reading

Yam battered with Akara and Plantain. Redefining Nigerian street food


Continuing with unusual ways of coating food before frying, or as the fitfam gurus say, bake, bake, bake. Working on the new site design has forced me to categorise the current site, so we can have a seamless transfer. That is how I found a post from August last year (yikes!!!) on Akara Tempura. I thought wowzer!!!! How come I haven’t tried this since. Basically, the idea is to use akara batter like the japanese tempura batter. I found this again before I tried garri fried chicken (recipe HERE), and on the tails of success with that, I was finally Continue reading

Erunrun Garri – crunchy fried garri balls/garri chin chin


Waste not, want not. As a food blogger, especially with experimental cooking, waste is almost inevitable, but recently, I have been making concerted efforts to reduce my waste, and so far, so good, I seem to be succeeding. This came from my bid not to waste the leftover garri from battering fish, chicken and prawns. You will discover it too, when you try my Garri Fried Chicken (recipe HERE), that as eggs come in contact with the garri, it begins to form clumps. The more you do the double dipping, the more clumps you get. Ordinarily, I would have thrown Continue reading

Dooney’s Garri Fried Chicken – #GFC


Did you know that Garri is Gluten free? Oh yes it is. As wonderful as our food is, we have to admit, that we have to be able to sell it in a way people who didn’t grow up with it can relate to it, and one of the sure fire ways to do that, is to say two magical words, “gluten free”. Yes, no joke, garri is a gluten free flour made from cassava. It can also be found in Brazilian and Jamaican cooking. Now, imagine saying those words at a presentation to people who haven’t tasted Nigerian food Continue reading

Nigerian Easter Eggs


The Easter bunny, just like Santa Claus is a Western import, but hey I have no qualms about it. It is fun, goofy and gives you warm, fuzzy feelings. Not talking about the political correctness or incorrectness today, it is too beautiful outside. Maybe spring has finally decided to stay. Yesterday morning, I was looking through my Instagram feed and this easter egg picture from Food Gawker came up, but it wasn’t just an easter egg, but a brownie baked inside an eggshell. I thought what, really, how is that possible. Thanks to Google, I had all the answers I Continue reading

Introducing Zurielle’s Pot


Who we are: Zurielle’s Pot is a Registered (RC:OY61215) indigenous company headquartered in the vibrant city of Ibadan, Oyo State. What we do: Our’s is a cook to Order service, ranging from Nigerian Soups, Stews, Sauces & African inspired Chops cooked to specifications and packaged in 3 different sizes of plastic containers to suit your individual and family needs. We also offer lunch packs of Ofada Rice & Sauce, Ewa Agonyin &Plantain with fish, white/yellow Garri & Ogbono, plus Local Jollof rice & Smoked Chicken all at an unbelievable and pocket friendly price. Where you come in: All of the Continue reading

Food Cycle – Ogbono Elegusi Soup


One of my biggest worries about being a food blogger is the amount of food I waste. It is something I am honestly not proud of and why I do it, I don’t know. How do I waste food? My fridge. Despite it being set at 2 degrees, it somehow spoils my food, if kept in there for a week plus. Every week I do a fridge clear out, and with that comes with emptying some little leftovers and it upsets me. My mother and grandma would not find it funny at all, because I was raised better. Food wastage Continue reading

2yr Anniversary Giveaway


Last year, I gave out 2 Philips food processors and 1 Kenwood food processor around Easter time. I promised that this was going to be an annual thing and I am happy to be able to keep that promise. Last year, I got us all excited about food processors. This year, I have gotten us all excited about spiralising food and what better way to keep the momentum going than to give out Spiralisers.  I mean, think of the dishes you can produce from Spiralising    Dooney’s Kitchen has truly grown in the past one year. One of the major achievements is Continue reading