Mama Adeola’s Stew


First of all, Hi Five if you were raised by an Ijebu Grandmother. Honestly, we need to have our own fan club or something, because it is truly a privilege to have or in my case, to have had an Ijebu grandmother in your life. Whichever part of Ijebuland, your grandmother was from, please happily join the fan club. I got a good friend of mine Yemi Oladipo, who we fondly call Mama Yemi to make this poster. Mama Yemi has all sorts of talents, did I tell you she has 5 beautiful girls who are super brainy and talented too. I am sure one Continue reading

Nigerian Chicken Shawarma


Finally Shawarma is on the blog. I know so many of you who have written to ask me to do this must be breathing a huge sigh of relief right now. Sorry for the delay, I heard you guys loud and clear but just needed a push to finally convince me to do it, as I am no longer a huge fan of shawarma. Something I don’t enjoy eating, I find it hard to cook because eating to me is an experience. I had a friend who just didn’t get what that meant. To him, food is food, you are hungry, Continue reading

Tahini Sauce


Of course, I just wrote about Tahini in the last post (click HERE), the next obvious thing would be Tahini Sauce. People, you NEED to try this, like seriously. It’s fresh, clean, tangy, green and absolutely gorgeous. If only I can pack it up in a jar and send it to that sous chef, I just may be tempted to, but as it is food, it likely won’t be touched anyway, so this is for you guys who have had Tahini sauce in a restaurant or bought it in a jar, believe me, making it at home is much better. Continue reading



I am not that adventurous with food when I eat out. My philosophy is this, if I am going to pay for it, even if someone else is paying for it, I will be pissed if i don’t like it. So I stick to my usual. If I hate what i am served, it ruins the entire dining experience. For me, dining out is not just about the food but the experience i.e the decor of the restaurant, the ambience, the smell too, the immaculate tablecloth, sparkly clean dinner service, the efficiency and pleasantness of the wait staff, the company Continue reading

Dooney’s Red Trilogy Stew


You know what prompted the last post, this one. I sat down to type the recipe and suddenly felt so weak and overwhelmed. I had to get up from my seat and deliberately chat with someone just to shrug it off my shoulders. I tried to write again and the words just weren’t coming. I kept playing over the events of last weekend. Then I got to writing the last post. I had gone halfway before I realised, ooops, I am not writing about food. In fact, if I didn’t check at the last minute, that post would have had the same title Continue reading

The New Direction for Dooney’s Kitchen

This is not a food post, but I believe I have to write this to get it off my mind and also prepare you for the new direction Dooney’s Kitchen is taking. This is going to be quite long, so get ready. I had an interesting weekend to say the least. I got to see a snapshot of people’s real  thoughts and reactions towards what I do. You know how you get told, don’t take people’s support for you as they truly mean it, because for many people they are only in to get what they can from you and will hail you Continue reading

Ewa Aganyin Sauce – Part 2


This is definitely for people who live outside of Nigeria. My last Ewa Aganyin post (click HERE) showcased ingredients that may be difficult to source for many people who don’t live close to Nigerian food Stores. Well, I heard your complaints, I listened well and thanks to my fabulous neighbour Funmi, I am bringing you a solution. You will still enjoy Ewa Aganyin, the taste is pretty close, the aroma is spot on, and I mean spot on, even my extra acute spidey sense taste buds and sense of smell will agree. How did I come across this recipe, well my Continue reading

How to make Ogi/Akamu/Pap in 5 days


I am sure my mother will laugh her head off when she sees this, because this is so uncharacteristic of me, if you know me well you would laugh too. Me, Oladunni Obata willingly make Ogi (pap, akamu), How, why, when, because. In fact, it sounds nicer in Yoruba. Kiloshele, Kilode, bawo, Ehn hen, So to’to. You made Ogi. Hmmmmmn, people, I made Ogi. Accidentally though. This is what happened when I tried to make Abari (corn moin moin) and I ended up with Ogi. Fresh corn is not in season yet and I really don’t know why I thought Continue reading

Efik Fisherman’s Soup

Fisherman's Soup

I hosted The Atoke of Bella Naija last week. She came on Thursday night with express warnings of ‘Dunni, I am on a strict diet please, all those tantalising dishes of yours, I can’t indulge. No carbs please’. I said okay, okay and snickered behind her back. Hehehehehe. No one comes over and tells me they can’t eat this or that. Let me finish cooking it first, and then we can have that conversation while you are resisting temptation. Anyway, in preparation of her arrival, I sent her a list of things I wanted to cook. Knowing meats are not Continue reading

Introducing Clevenard Ofada Rice!!!!


My first Product Review. Yaaaaaaaaaaay. I was contacted by a budding entrepreneur, (Ebenezer) who asked if he could send his packaged Ofada rice to me for a product review. I was excited to say the least. Ooooooh, I love the idea of a Product Review. This is even more special because it is a product that is just hitting the market, and I feel truly blessed to be able to support a start-up. I know it is not easy and I praise and salute Ebenezer’s courage to go into business. I hope you all support him en-masse. He is supplying Continue reading