Veggie Gbegiri


I actually cooked this last year. Roughly about early December. Over a month now, I really should not be behind on my work like this. Anyways, it wasn’t even a fitfam inspired dish, because I wasn’t focused on that last year, but I was concentrating on winter warming kinda soups. The way I thought to serve Egusi Ijebu like a soup, to be served with toasted baguettes. Recipe HERE. Anyways, the Italians have their Minestrone, The French have their Provencal vegetable soup, and I thought to make something like that, but oh so Nigerian. In hindsight, this is a fitfam Continue reading

Dooney’s Nigerian Meatzza


Okay Vegetarians, looks away now. Lol. My #fitfam brothers and sisters, pay close attention. You may think oh dear, this is so wrong for you. No sireee. You see, this is actually healthier than a Pizza because there is no carb laden crust. Your body cannot discern between sugar gotten from carbohydrates, and that from even fruit and veg. Yes, fruit and veg are great for you and they contain nutrients and all that jazz, but at the end of the day, sugars whether natural or artificial are converted to glucose, because it triggers insulin production, and then your body Continue reading

The ‘Ebbage’ – the new Nigerian soup staple


Yes, you read that correctly. Take a few moments to laugh would you, because I definitely did. This #fitfam movement is inspiring all sorts of revolutionary Nigerian recipes. All hail #TheNewNigerianCookery. Temitope of Stunnababez Cuisine first introduced us to fortifying our soup staples with vegetables. See Post HERE, and see quick pictorial summary of the process i.e. blend your veg, combine with your choice of staple flour and cook till firm.     Let me digress a bit, and talk about the word “swallow”. For the love of everything polite, I am still wondering how we came upon that word. Continue reading

Fitfam Puff Puff – recipe development phase


Hi, my name is Dunni Obata, and I am a Recipe Developer. I feel like I should be introducing myself like that from henceforth, hehehehehe. You know what they say about packaging. 2015 is the year for rebranding, re-strategising and all the “re’s”. If you know how long this has been bugging me to the point of annoyance. When the #eatNigerianfoodandmovemore ministry started this year, the nagging feeling to make healthier Nigerian snacks hit me again. This time even much stronger, especially with the constant January bombardment of Diet Chef Tv ads where they say you don’t have to cut Continue reading

How to make Pounded Yam using a Stand Mixer


Hello folks, half way through the first month of the new year. Time is flying by again, I hope your 2015 has started really good. I must say, mine is rocking so far. What you can achieve when you get rid of your inhibitions and let your creative juices flow will amaze you. See me asking for a healthy/vegetarian contributor for the blog, and in two weeks, I have managed to do it by myself. Thank you Lord for inspiration, for guidance, for the gift of intuition and most of all, Grace to do what I do. The response so Continue reading

Moringa Iced Tea


My first introduction to Moringa was through Big Oladunni. She kept touting all its benefits, and when my mother wants you to try something, you won’t hear the last of it. When I read up about it and saw weight loss, ooooh my eyes widened. Little did I know. I ordered the seeds online and let me just say i haven’t gone beyond 2 seeds in months. I eye the packet when I pick up stuff in my cupboard. Absolutely vile stuff, gross. I was waiting for the oh it turns sweet after chewing for some time. EPIC lie. Which Continue reading

Akara toasties


So, on the back of Akara Waffles (recipe HERE), which has been tried to much success by so many people. I have now updated the post to show some of the pictures I received. We now have a new sister twist to Akara waffles, called  Akara toasties, that in my opinion has taken up the Nigeria Cooking Social media space by storm. Over 1K likes on Facebook, Wow!!!!!! Thanks a lot guys. 2015 is turning out to be a good year for experimenting and food innovation. #theministryismoving. I have been asked the same questions all over again about making Akara Continue reading

Rosemary and Uziza crusted Lamb with Ukwa Mash


I was looking forward to my multi cultural dish. When #fitfam started this week, I made a list of dishes I was going to cook every day. By yesterday morning, I was itching to go home and try this. Then I read the News and it all kind of changed. I drove home listening to the radio on auto pilot. Suddenly my multi cultural dish didn’t feel so fantastic. In my head any way. Any time I think of grilled meat, I think of Paris. The best steak I have ever had and nothing has topped it yet was in Continue reading

Akara Waffles


I had written a draft for this post and went to dig it out. I checked the date and it was Sept 3rd 2014. Yikes. I have wanted to try this for the past three months and the opportunity just didn’t come up. If you read my Christmas Menu (HERE), you would have seen me write “#fitfam Akara with cherry tomatoes, shallots and a flavoured oil drizzle for breakfast”. This should have been Christmas Breakfast. All red and green and Festive. Aint it a beauty Funmi’s friend had told anybody who cared to listen that she was eating Waffled Akara Continue reading

The Moin Moinlette/Omoinlette


Fear held me back in 2014, and when my creativity gets stifled, it literally feels like a well drying up. So, this year, I said to myself, to hell with it. A kpe ko to je, o kin je ibaje – sorry my Yoruba to English translation is terrible, but I think it means, he who is late to the game, doesn’t eat the spoils. I remember complaining to my mum, about people using my recipes for profit and she said with each one of them that is used for profit, see it as they are paying a deposit for Continue reading