Ofe Egusi


My cleaning lady told me today that she would be going away for one month. I wanted to cry. What do you mean by going away for one month, what am I supposed to do till then, with what I am sure must have been a genuinely distressed look on my face. She said she was taking her children to see her family. Oh dear, I am in big hot soup. Which is weird, because besides cooking, I looooooooooove to clean. I am the type that cleans a bathroom for hours. Besides onions, bleach is my next favourite item in Continue reading

Big Oladunni’s Chicken Stew


To say that last week was crazy mad would be an understatement. It was so busy, I was up to my eyeballs in a lots of things. The weekend came, still no relief. Then the one sunday I have had a rest in weeks, I must have eaten something dodgy because my stomach has revolted violently. Awake at stupid o’clock on a monday morning, and I already feel dehydrated. Just my luck monday is my busiest day as a PM as I have to check up and get status reports from all my other project co-ordinators and pass them on Continue reading



Spring rolls and Samosas just go hand in hand. No small chops at a Nigerian party is complete without those two. Mini Puff Puffs complete the trifecta. For my recipe for Puff puff, click HERE. For tips to making the perfect puff puff, click HERE. I hope this weekend, you will attempt the small chops trifecta in your homes. I am showcasing two methods, based on the shape of your wrapper i.e. either square or round. Samosa’s are slightly more fiddly than spring rolls, so don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t come out as a perfect triangle. Mine certainly Continue reading

How to make Spring roll/Samosa Wrappers


I swore I was not going to do this. Swore, swore, swore, but against my better judgement, the food blogger that I am gave in. I found store bought spring roll wrappers and they just saved me the stress. I was looking at the pictures of the spring rolls I made and while giving myself a huge pat on the back, I thought oh dear, how about the people who don’t have access to buying store bought spring roll wrappers. I know that spring rolls are something a lot of people would like to make themselves at home and not Continue reading

How to make Amala using a hand mixer


I am very proud that this blog is influential. Very proud and very pleased. To all of you guys who have implicit trust and confidence in what you read on this blog, and are appreciative of the effort and hard work, I say thank you. It is from you guys that being proud of my blog comes from. Even if something is already out there, if it goes up on Dooney’s Kitchen, it becomes the bog standard, and it is all down to you guys in your thousands scattered all over the world, who give it that validation. Not me, Continue reading

Spring Rolls – Part 2 (another wrapping method)


I have seen Party Small Chops erode the dignity of even seemingly classy and sophisticated people. There is something about seeing those plates pass by with golden delicious goodies that brings out the hunter in us. Waiters would pass by with the staple main party foods and if it doesn’t get to our table, we won’t give them a passing glance, unless of course you are starving. We would just wait till it gets to our turn, but when it gets to small chops (spring rolls, samosa’s and puff puff), oh wow, you see people getting up, stretching their necks, Continue reading

Spring rolls


Now, I know of a particular reader who must be mightily pleased right now. She had written to me and left comments multiple times asking me to make spring rolls. I heard you, I really did but couldn’t make it because I would need at least one more person to make this. Spring rolls are quite fiddly, and having to wrap and take pictures at the same time would be quite the task, so I waited until I could find someone to help me, and my friend Ms Joxy (as she is fondly called) did just that. She came two Continue reading

Dooney’s Rodo (chili) Jam


I have Fisayo to thank for this. I must have walked past Rodo Jam hundreds of times on the Deli counter at my local supermarket and not given it a passing glance. I just thought it was some chutney, because hey it was sitting right beside an array of chutneys which I don’t like anyway, or I thought I didn’t ( i will give you a chutney review very soon). Fisayo and I had planned to put our own spin on this jam. The British call it Scotch Bonnet/Chili Jam. Fisayo made the first batch and I kept forgetting to Continue reading

Asun (spicy smoked goat meat)


If you know how long I have wanted to make Asun, you wouldn’t believe. I was going for my evening run one day and I swear I must have passed by a Nigerian household because I could smell ASUN, and I am sure it just wasn’t my brain playing games with my sense of smell. I stopped to let my nose guide me, and my mouth was watering, I forgot I had set myself a challenge of 10 minutes straight up running and no stopping. You see, I love food like that. Looool. I stopped and inhaled. I remember trying Continue reading

Roasted Plantain and Ugba


This idea behind this recipe is to re-construct and old dish, and present with a modern flair. Roasted Plantain and Ukpaka (ugba) is commonly eaten across the South Easternern zone of Nigeria. It is a standard before the main meal kind of dish. What colloquially would be called a snack at lunch time, but in professional cooking terms, we call a starter. Normally the Ugba sauce is made separately from the roast plantain. For this recipe, I am combining both elements into one, with additional flavour of crayfish to bind it all together. I was given this recipe by a Continue reading