Dooney’s Native Nigerian Fried Rice


Can someone say about time, like seriously, about time. I love, love, love native jollof rice (iwuk edesi). Click HERE for the recipe. There is something about palm oil, crayfish, smoked fish and rice that just works. My grandmother’s smoked fish stew served with plain boiled rice would bring you to your knees. It is a recipe that I will only release in the cookbook. I keep talking about the cookbook a lot now, because I am living proof that when you start to say your thoughts out loud, they manifest faster. So, y’all are going to be hearing about the cookbook Continue reading

Dodo and Suya Salsa with Rice Cakes – Nigerian/Mexico food fusion


I had such a good day yesterday, which started from sharing a childhood story of my brother, and all the comments that ensued. I was laughing till 12am, I tell you. You guys make Instagram so much fun. You see, I sold my mixer a few weeks ago, because I had a new one in mind. Me and Kenwood, our love is too strong. I bought a mixer last year with baking in mind, but I never baked with it, because the need to, didn’t really awaken in me until one day, a light bulb came on in my head, Continue reading

Yoyo – The Isale Eko treasure


I can tell stories for days about Yoyo, oh my!!!!! My mother was very selective about what street food we were allowed to eat, but she had no reservations with Yoyo. Not just for the taste, but for hygienic reasons. We bought Yoyo when it was served straight from the hot oil, so any concerns about food poisoning were eliminated. Oh, Yoyo, oh Yoyo. This minute fish that is dipped in seasoned flour and fried in hot oil. So more-ish. You can eat an entire basket and not realise how much you’ve eaten. Your fingers will just keep going back Continue reading

Dooney’s Corned Beef Stew and Coconutty boiled Yam


Hello Tribe, I hope your week is progressing well. Mine is going great by the way, courtesy the Wayfair publication (HERE) and discovering Aduna via the Hemsley sisters IG page. I adore those girls by the way. A lucky star is obviously shining on them and I pray my time comes soon, because I look at them sometimes and just hope. Thankfully I’ve stopped querying when will it be my turn, because such thoughts are of ingratitude, and will never serve you well. I am grateful for how far I have come. If you don’t learn to be grateful when Continue reading

Dooney’s Kitchen is on Wayfair UK!!!!!!!

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Good Morning Tribe. Beautiful day today, and I am in a very very good mood. Dooney’s Kitchen got featured on Wayfair UK, as part of their Father’s day Inspiration. Click HERE If you don’t know who or what Wayfair is, let me explain briefly. They are a multi billion dollar up market home and lifestyle company. Think of them like the IKEA for rich people. The story of how this company was founded in California resonates with me strongly. When you have a passion, just go for it. The owners grew this from the basement of one of their homes, Continue reading

Ukom Isip – coconut and seafood plantain pottage


Ha, Plantain Pottage. Ripened, Unripened, mixture of both, it is a bonafide pottage dish with us Nigerians. I have a recipe for Yellow Plantain Pottage HERE. Funny thing is, I don’t like it on its own that much. In Yam Pottage or cooked with Beans, I would be queuing outside the door. That was until I decided to try something one day, in a bid not to throw away my over ripened plantains and I thought oh wow, soooooooo that is the secret. Ever since then, I make my plantain pottage the same way now. Just the right amount of Continue reading

Ekpang Nkukwo – food for the gods


This dish is truly one for the gods. The amount of time, love, patience, not to talk of ingredients that go into it. Not for the faint hearted at all. The wrapping is something i struggled with when my friend Joy taught me how to, when i lived in Abuja. I have been told to stop saying dexterity is my weakness, so i will continue mastering the art of wrapping this Ekpang Nkukwo until I get it. Ekpang Nkukwo is similar to the Ijebu Ikokore (recipe HERE), as they are both pottage dishes. While Ikokore is only made with water Continue reading

Veggie Stir Fry Omelette


A hilarious picture on Instagram about how Steak is supposed to be cooked, followed by even more hilarious comments inspired this post. I was sharing my experience with ordering eggs when on holiday to France, and how snobbish French waiters and I rub each other the wrong way. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like runny eggs. I hate the smell of raw eggs, and the taste too, so i like my eggs well done and slightly burnt too, anything to totally get rid of the eggy smell. My sensitivity to eggs is so strong, i can smell Continue reading

Ofada Riro and Tuwo Beans


See, I am gaining momentum small by small, back to what i do best, blogging. A reader left a comment on my last post which jolted me to reality. Dooney’s Kitchen is the blog, not Instagram. More people have access to the internet than Instagram, so I will have to find a way to balance both, because one cannot ignore the power of social media. I have now managed to make what i call small change, thanks to the marketing power of Instagram. Ofada Riro is a dish I make regularly but just never blogged about it, because it is Continue reading

Lemon and Garlic Chicken Curry


Hi Tribe, long time no hear, don’t worry, I am still alive. I promise, I have just been very busy on Instagram and cooking for a lot of people. The people I have met and the feedback I have received, I am a very happy bunny. If you are not following on Instagram, you have been missing a lot. I share handy tips, there is one post on Jollof rice and Fried rice which you just need to go check out. I gave out secrets, you can never find in any cookbook or blog, tips caterers have been using for Continue reading