Gbegiri – updated recipe


There is a recipe for Gbegiri on the blog, quite an old recipe, but I haven’t cooked this dish in what feels like forever now, well if you read that post, you must know how much I whined about the process. I have eaten Gbegiri in Funmi’s house quite a number of times, and it always amazes me how often it shows up on her menu list. Bros is a very lucky man, I swear. Anyways, I have an interesting twist to Gbegiri but you see my lazy ass was not in the mood to go through the process, besides Continue reading

The Nigerian Smoothie Series – featuring Ugu


This post is a Business 101 class, so take notes. Lol. I had an idea I wanted to run by a friend a few weeks ago. The conversation naturally drifted to food. This friend and I are huge foodies, so it was expected. Anyways, I sent her links of the new juices/smoothies bar popping up all over Nigeria, and one thing I loooooove about this friend of mine is her bluntness. It may rankle sometimes when you are the receiving end, but once you get to understand that, it isn’t personal, that is just her personality, you take it in Continue reading

Coconutty for Eko


The words Coco for Eko did come to mind to name this, but I wanted to represent the fact that it had nuts in it. In this case almonds, but you could use brazilian nuts, cashew nuts, and even groundnuts. Eko and milk is a classic combination, but I wanted something extra. I wanted ooomph, va va voom, the wow factor. I mean Eko is probably the most bland of food items, save for its sourness, so I decided to Jazz it up a little. Continuing this my new mission to re-invent the visual perception of Nigerian food. The point Continue reading

How to make Eko (agidi)


I have written a post on how to make your own Ogi (akamu) – click HERE, I guess the next logical stage is to write about how to make Eko (agidi). I am one of those weird people who absolutely hate Ogi, but really like Eko. Strange I know. I like how Eko is a smooshy solid, it is also quite tangy, and it goes with everything. From Efo Riro, to Egusi, to Okro, Eko is just amazing. If you live in Nigeria, and Eko is not commonly sold in markets near you, or you are worried about the possibly Continue reading

Egusi Ijebu – the authentic version with a twist


The last time I posted a recipe for Egusi Ijebu feels like a lifetime ago now. I didn’t exactly nail the recipe then, because some of the feedback I got said it didn’t look as smooth as Egusi Ijebu is supposed to be. I admit I was wrong with that recipe, because it was a little pebbly looking, plus I didn’t blend all the ingredients before cooking. Oh, I didn’t know my friend Funmi then. You guys know Funmi is like the cooking twin sister that I never had. We are even a few months shy of each other, born the Continue reading

My food Gallery – enjoy the pictures


I know I have been on a break from blogging, but my social media accounts have been somewhat active recently. If you are not following Dooney’s Kitchen on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, I suggest that you should. Lots of yummy pictures on there, I thought to share some of the pictures I have uploaded lately #PyramidJollof – I used my Party Jollof rice recipe (HERE), but with Ofada rice instead #Eko a la posh – not your average Eko (agidi), this is roughly chopped Eko with thinly sliced coconut, evaporated milk, and topped with toasted desiccated coconut and roughly chopped Continue reading

Ewedu Asepo – one pot dish


Shouting out from the roof tops, I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaack to blogging. With heartfelt gratitude to those who checked up on me via emails, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and for some who had my number who called or texted. Thank you very very very much. I sincerely apologise for being away for this long. As I announced months ago, the blog was under re-design and this meant that I wasn’t allowed into the backend to add anything. I realised I bit off more than I could chew, and wanted so many amazing functionalities for the new site – (enter Type A personality), and Continue reading

Dooney’s Kitchen is live in Lagos

I am in Lagossssssssssss. Apart from being too hot, I am excited to be home. I would really love to see many of you. The blog re design did not allow me out plans on ground to organise something before I arrived, but I have 2 weeks, I will see what I can do. If you guys have any suggestions, please share Like this:Like Loading…

I went AWOL for a month


Hello guys, gosh I haven’t done this in a month now. Last post was Aug 20th, yikes. I really should have kept you all updated but I was gunning for the surprise factor. Things didn’t go according to plan and something that should have been done and dusted, I am on the 3rd iteration. Frustrating I tell you, but I can now see light at the end of the tunnel. What is this iteration you say. Okay, okay, I confess, the site is under re-design. It has taken more work than I ever thought possible and I would like you Continue reading

Redefining Giz Dodo


My family received one of THE best news of our lives late last month. The kind that you are crying over the phone, your mum is crying, both of you are muttering you don’t know what, shouts of praises, Daddy is trying to chip in excitedly, Skype + phone conference calls, with everyone talking at the top of their voices, over each other, yoruba and english flying left and right, talking ten to a dozen no one could get a word in edgewise. We were all really jubilant, a time it would have been amazing if we were together in Continue reading