I went AWOL for a month


Hello guys, gosh I haven’t done this in a month now. Last post was Aug 20th, yikes. I really should have kept you all updated but I was gunning for the surprise factor. Things didn’t go according to plan and something that should have been done and dusted, I am on the 3rd iteration. Frustrating I tell you, but I can now see light at the end of the tunnel. What is this iteration you say. Okay, okay, I confess, the site is under re-design. It has taken more work than I ever thought possible and I would like you Continue reading

Redefining Giz Dodo


My family received one of THE best news of our lives late last month. The kind that you are crying over the phone, your mum is crying, both of you are muttering you don’t know what, shouts of praises, Daddy is trying to chip in excitedly, Skype + phone conference calls, with everyone talking at the top of their voices, over each other, yoruba and english flying left and right, talking ten to a dozen no one could get a word in edgewise. We were all really jubilant, a time it would have been amazing if we were together in Continue reading

Ofe Okazi na akpuruakpu mgbam


This simply means Okazi soup cooked with akpuruakpu mgbam, english for Egusi balls. This is a delicacy from the people of Umuahia in Abia State. Adding to my repertoire of dishes from the Eastern part of Nigeria. I started making this dish with a lot of trepidation. Achi is a thickener I am not fond of at all. Now I know that I must have been buying it from questionable sources because I got my friend Chiby to send me some all the way from Scotland. Chiby gets her stash sent by her mother in law from Nigeria and I must Continue reading

Frozen green plantain amala – using a hand mixer


After making Ofe Okazi, which rocked something awful, I wanted to try this, and I thought hmmmmmn, the Ndigbo’s will have my head for this. Amala with Ofe Okazi, I can almost hear them say Taaaa!!! I will say, why the hell not. A fusion of cultures and the best part is that it works. Afterall, amala is sometimes served with Egusi. This plantain amala is even more special because it introduces a type of sweetness to the dish that rhymes well with the earthy taste of the achi. Why I was even more excited to try this was because, Continue reading

How to make Igbo egusi balls – akpuruakpu mgbam


If you couldn’t pronounce the words above, don’t worry, I can’t too. Somehow in my head, it is stored as akpurukuku gunam gunam. Don’t ask my why, it just is. Funny, that pronunciation flashes across my memory at very odd times and I find myself chuckling unexpectedly, getting me weird looks from people around me. I have resolved to keep the ‘mgbam’ instead. I am a lost cause regarding its prefix. In case you are wondering, Ofe is the Igbo word for soup and Okazi is a vegetable. I have never seen this made before. I only saw it once Continue reading

Iyenekere’s Scented Efo riro


You guys know I am half Igbo right? A friend of mine would read this and say, you always know when to claim your Igbo roots, very convenient. I am Delta Igbo and my people do NOT like being called Igbo, goodness knows why. My cousins would proudly proclaim that they are not Igbo, my Uncles would give you a good side eye if you ever dared call yourself Igbo. We are Delta Igbo you hear, errrrrrrr, trying not to roll my eyes, ‘biko’ (please) what is the difference? I think the need to experiment with food from different parts Continue reading

Dooney’s Onion Jam


There are times in your life when you need validation. Believe me, even the best and most confident of us need it sometimes. Whether it is with work, or with your passion, even in relationships. Especially when it is with something you put your heart and soul into. You may not say it out loud, because you may sound childish, needy or whiny. Self validation definitely trumps someone else’s that’s a given, and it is important that you learn to validate yourself. I think I do fine in that category, but once in a while, a little external validation, goes Continue reading

Introducing Clevenard Farm Foods


Clevenard is a company dedicated to researching and sourcing 100% natural, healthy farm food products & natural organic beauty products from Africa, with no chemicals added. We strongly believe that nature provides us with fruit, vegetables and herbs that contain all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that our bodies require. Why resort to artificially manufactured products when a natural, organic alternative is available. At Clevenard, we take great care to ensure that all Our Products are Organically Planted & harvested, most of all we carefully process any products that carry the Clevenard logo, which are harvested in a sustainable manner to ensure no impact on the local environment.  Our purpose : Everything Clevenard Continue reading

Announcing Dooney’s Kitchen YouTube Channel


It took me long enough eh? As brave as I am with a lot of things in life, some things still scare me shitless, and shooting videos ranks high on the list. I have this HD all singing, all dancing DSLR camera that I have been getting better at shooting pictures with. I bravely moved over to shooting in Manual, which took me months to do. A very kind pro photographer was brought across my path at a friend’s baby shower and he kindly showed me what to do using his very expensive full frame camera. I had to run Continue reading