Continuing from The Moin Moinlette (recipe HERE), we now have The Indomielette. The idea for this came from Instagram. I was discussing with Kemi just the other day that IG is where the action is right now. She recently joined Instagram and has been amazed at the food out there, from both bloggers, and seemingly every day cooks. Liz from @illfeedyourface face was on my feed, and she posted a dish she called Ramlet. She used Ramen Noodles. It made me smile, because I thought, ooooh that is so pretty, I want to try that. …..and try it I did Continue reading

Introducing Dooney’s Kitchen Tribe!!!!

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 11.12.15

A little history. When I started the blog in 2013, months later, I asked people to contribute their own recipes. I called it Foodie Community recipes, and it didn’t take off at all. The only two people that submitted recipes were Grace – a meaty vegetable sauce HERE and Ms Socially Awkward HERE. I wasn’t too happy about that, but i just let it slide because back then, recipe sharing, food picture sharing wasn’t something that was practised fervently in the online Nigerian food community, unlike now, that it has grown into a movement on its own, which I attribute Continue reading

Coco for Quinoa Porridge


I love coconut milk so much, it can make me like anything, including my dear old Quinoa a.k.a pestilence and grief. Despite the many suggestions for Quinoa, in the savoury direction, I decided to head to the other side of the taste bud scale – sweet. I mean, if Granogi parfait can make me tolerate Ogi, something I have hated for over 20 years now, Quinoa is a recent addition to my food dictionary, and I was determined to conquer it. When I paired this with Candied Egusi (recipe HERE), I finished a glass full. Never happened before. All my Continue reading

Candied Egusi bark


Yes, pause to read that for a second, turn your head to one side, look up at the words again, and then remember that Dunni is crazy like that, and then you continue reading. Hahahahahaha. Yes of course, why not. I am writing this on Oscar night, a few hours to the main event and watching one of these programmes in the run up to the event, and watching these people at the top of their game, watching their experiences, and hearing them tell their stories, is so inspiring. I laughed hard at some bits, some made me smile, and Continue reading

Dodo and Egg Tart Shells


I haven’t eaten fried plantain in what feels like ages now. Even before the fitfam drive in January, I had subconsciously been staying away from it, and now that I have bought a halogen oven that makes THE BEST Boli by the way, fried plantains have seemed like a distant memory. I did fry diced plantains for my Moin Moin Mason Jar Salad though (recipe HERE), but that was just about a quarter of a plantain. Does that count? Lol. Anyways, last night, I got my fried dodo experience without the frying, yaaaaaay. Well my yaaaay was short-lived because I Continue reading

Ata Lilo – the Nigerian Pepper Base


A couple of months ago, I got a pingback notification. This means that another blog has tagged mine on a post. I followed the link and found this blogger in Australia that tried my Fish Imoyo (recipe HERE), I thought okay wow, all the way in Australia. Yes, I know my Google Analytics reports tell me that I have readers in Australia, but it doesn’t feel real until something like this happens. A few weeks ago too, someone emailed from New Zealand. Yup, New Zealand. A Nigerian who relocated to join her husband. She kindly passed me an old Delta Continue reading

Coco for Adalu


I love what I do. I love the interaction I get with you guys, I love that I have helped to spur on your creative tendencies. I was speaking with my friend Kemi yesterday and I said, my life is never boring, like never. Every day I get to read lovely comments, funny comments, inspiring comments, you guys are such a blast, many of you say thank you to me every day, but you don’t how much I say thank you for colouring my life. Confessing now, I have had to put my Mum on hold just to read, laugh Continue reading

The Nigerian Crayfish Pancake


Happy Shrove Tuesday people a.k.a Pancake day. I haven’t made pancakes in ages because it is one of those things you have to eat with people. My Pancake memories are linked with people lining up and waiting for each Pancake from the pan, so to make a jug for just me or maybe my flatmate, just doesn’t cut it. Pancake is for sharing, pancake is communal, pancake is for family, pancake is for friends, and this post is about my friend Funmi. My personal, person, person, person. I tend to be friends with people much older than me, old soul Continue reading

Fruit Sodas/Fizzy Smoothie – a fitfam alternative to coke


This post is dedicated to Funke Bucknor-Obruthe. I follow her on Instagram, and it is such a joy to see her posts. Her fun side just shines through, she is very engaging with her followers, and her enthusiasm for her job leaps off the screen. She is the mother of event planning in Nigeria, and does such an amazing job, her pictures make you stop and stare for a second. Gosh, a lot goes into what these people do. The way they transform an empty space is just sheer magic. Like me, Funke doesn’t like the taste of water. I Continue reading

Granogi Parfait Surprise – My Nigerian Valentine Part 3


If you don’t know how much I hate Ogi, you haven’t been reading this blog for long, and may I ask whyyyyyy. Lol. Anyways, welcome to one of my life’s hates. Like haaaaaaaaate. So, why am I writing about something I detest, well I found a way to make me like it. My mother will proceed to fall off her chair when she reads this, because parts of her memory is raising moi, is tarred with battle of wills over Ogi. Even as a toddler I was stubborn. My mother used to tell me, I will just sit there and Continue reading