Waitrose Barbecue Sauce for Fried Chicken


First, I have to apologise that this isn’t going to come with plenty step by step pictures, because I was supposed to recreate this recipe at home yesterday, told myself, I would be taking just a short nap, and I woke up this morning. hahahahahaha. This recipe is so simple though, you can do it in your sleep, so you will do fine. It is something to try for this weekend, especially for those in the UK who may be planning a barbecue for the bank holiday, to mark the end of summer. Me thinks, summer ended 3 weeks ago Continue reading

Moringa Puff Puff


You must be thinking, Dunni is at it again. Which one is Moringa Puff Puff? Well, Matcha, the super green tea powder has been coming up lately in my Instagram timeline, and you know that when something about Easter (matcha is from Japan) or Western cuisine piques my interest, I try to see how I can make it Nigerian. Most of the pictures I have been seeing from ice cream to Latte’s to bread, beignets and other baked goods always had this lovely and pleasant shade of green, I almost drove to Holland and Barett one night to buy Matcha. Continue reading

Efere Ibaba (Ibaba Soup)


Going along to the market with my mother and grandmothers, I learnt to be very friendly with market stall owners, and it was on a visit to white sands market last year that I discovered Ukpo. I already knew about thickeners like Achi and Ofor (even though I am yet to cook with Ofor), but Ukpo was strange to me. The lady, a Delta woman (who gave me the best peppersoup spice mix i have ever used), said “ah sister, you don’t know about Ukpo, it is very good for soup, Igbo and Calabar people use it”. I was already Continue reading

Jollof Arancini – an evening at the Waitrose Cookery School


So, a few months ago, Waitrose announced the #TasteofSummer competition and the rules were, simply tag pictures of your food with that hashtag for a chance to win 3 prizes. One of which was a barbecue with Heston Blumenthal himself, the other was an evening at their cookery school for a cocktails and party bites course, the last was a garden party hosted for you by Waitrose. Y’all know what prize I would have immediately jumped at, but I didn’t think I would win anything. I have been told repeatedly to have more confidence and faith in what I do. Continue reading

Peanut Butter Oreo Plantain balls – mosa meets oreo


I have received product from Oreo for this post. It is an entry to the Foodies100 Wonderfilled recipe challenge sponsored by Oreo, which marks the launch of two exciting new flavours: Peanut Butter and Golden. The delicious new flavours are available in all major supermarkets at an RRP of £1.08. So, I received an email from Oreo asking if I wanted to try their two new flavours launching in the UK market and participate in the Oreo Challenge. Goodness me, my eyes popped out from my skull when I read that email and almost had a heart attack. Wait, what, they know Continue reading

Akara Osu


Let me start by saying, YOU WILL NOT FIND THIS RECIPE ANYWHERE!!!! Hahahahaha, I’m just being cheeky. My apologies for being away from posting recipes for over two weeks now, but what’s the best way to come back than to put up a recipe that you will not find online anywhere. Lol. Akara Osu holds many fond memories for a lot of us. It is the kind of Akara that isn’t commonly sold and mostly found in certain select areas in Lagos, mostly in the inner suburbs, and on the side of the expressway in the Ife area. Akara Osu Continue reading

Miyan Nama Akuya da Nono


Take a few seconds to read that and breathe afterwards. If you speak Hausa or are familiar with Northern dishes, you would stop and think, huh Dunni, which soup is that one o, i haven’t heard that one before. Don’t worry, you truly haven’t heard that one before, because it is a new soup that I concocted in my Kitchen. I recently made Nono, yes the Nono from Fura da Nono. Two kind northern ladies gave me the recipe, and I am still tweaking to my taste and will release the recipe later, but the basic gist that you need Continue reading

Edesi Isip – Efik Coconut Rice


Edesi is to the Efik people, what Iresi is to the Yoruba’s. They both mean rice. Isn’t that interesting how languages can be so familiar? Well, coconut is called Agbon in Yoruba, but Isip in Efik, not even close. hehehehehee. So, you can guess the gist of this introduction, if you didn’t already guess it from the title. Lol. Edesi Isip is coconut rice, but not your average coconut rice, but the Efik version. I promise you, this dish would knock your socks off. You’ve cooked coconut rice multiple times, I even have two recipes on the blog, One a Continue reading

Coca Cola and Yaji Barbecue Sauce


Summer is here and it is here with a bang. For all the days i complained about the cold, now it is too hot. Last week was insane. The hottest July on record. We hit 37 degrees, and while to some that isn’t that hot, for the united kingdom, it is eye watering. Like it wasn’t bad enough, the air was still. I mean no leaves were moving. Like someone said on IG, it felt as if the wind deserted our shores and went on holiday. All my plans to go running last week, i had to shelve. Visions of Continue reading

Dooney’s Native Nigerian Fried Rice


Can someone say about time, like seriously, about time. I love, love, love native jollof rice (iwuk edesi). Click HERE for the recipe. There is something about palm oil, crayfish, smoked fish and rice that just works. My grandmother’s smoked fish stew served with plain boiled rice would bring you to your knees. It is a recipe that I will only release in the cookbook. I keep talking about the cookbook a lot now, because I am living proof that when you start to say your thoughts out loud, they manifest faster. So, y’all are going to be hearing about the cookbook Continue reading